terms & conditions

The legal stuff!

Definitions: in this agreement the terms have the following meaning:

“The Client” means any person, company, partnership, organisation or body at whose application, SK Designs agrees to provide the services and/or products under the terms of this agreement.

“The agreement” means the contract between SK Designs and the client to which these conditions apply.

Acceptance of Conditions

The signing of a quote by the client (placing an order/agreeing to the proposal) will constitute the placing of an order and will confirm acceptance of the aforementioned conditions.


“The quote” is any document which incorporates a “quotation” or “quote”, from SK designs in order to enter the agreement for multimedia or digital services with the client.


These terms and conditions of trade shall apply to all goods and/or services ordered by the client from SK designs. It supersedes and takes precedence over any previous written or oral representations given or made SK Designs.


Payment for goods and services provided by SK Designs is due within 5 days from the date of the invoice unless stated and agreed otherwise in the quote. Whilst any payment under the agreement remains outstanding, SK Designs, shall be entitled at its sole discretion to withhold provision of any goods, services, electronic files and data it would otherwise be obliged to supply under the agreement.


 Annual services (eg, email and hosting) renew automatically each year. Please give SK Designs 30 days written notice if you wish to cancel an annual service. Following cancellation of an annual service you will not be billed further if the service is cancelled before renewal.


Unless agreed otherwise, hosting will be billed once a year and will automatically renew unless the client gives SK Designs 30 days written notice prior to renewal. If hosting is cancelled part way through the year, no refund will be processed for hosting fees.

Enquiry forms

When your website/application is built, we will conduct tests to ensure enquiry forms are directed to an email address of your choice. After this test is complete, it is your responsibility to notify us if your enquiry form ceases to forward to your email address.


SK Designs hereby excludes itself, it’s employees, directors and agents from:  all and any liability for loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy; omission; delay or error, whether the result of negligence or other cause in the production of the media product; all and any liability for loss or damage to client’s artwork/photos, supplied for the related service. Immaterial to whether the loss or damage results from negligence or otherwise.

Right to Reference

SK Designs reserves the right to use any related product or service undertaken for the client, in future promotions by SK Designs.


It is the client’s obligation to ensure that any material being used in the specific media chosen, either by SK Designs or directly by the client, is not in breach of copyright.  SK Designs accepts no responsibility for the client’s actions in either uploading material to any SK Designs authorised website. 
Any service, concept, idea, design, remain the property of SK Designs, until settlement of any, and all, outstanding amounts with regard to that service, concept, idea, design. 

Agreement Termination

Any agreement to supply products or services anytime in the future, between the client and SK Designs may be terminated within 30 days notice in writing by either party. Any monies paid in advance for products and services shall only become repayable to the client at the discretion of SK Designs. Any amounts received by SK Designs, with respect to products and services from a third party shall not be repayable to the client.

Hourly Rate

Unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing, additional work will be charged at the rate of £40.00 per hour. The time period will be rounded up to the nearest half an hour.


Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which SK Designs may have against the client, the client shall indemnify SK Designs against any loss or expenses sustained by reason of breach of this contract and any actions, proceedings, claims or demands in any way connected with this contract brought on by or threatened against SK Designs by a third party which are caused by or arise from any action of SK Designs carried out pursuant to the instructions of the client. 

Data Processing

SK Designs arrangements and responsibilities relating to Data Processing are outlined within the privacy policy.


These conditions of trade and all other express terms of contract shall be governed and constituted in accordance with the laws of England.