about SK DEsigns

SK Designs was founded in 2020 to provide affordable, fresh, design led websites to small businesses and individuals.  With over 13 years experience in e-commerce at a senior level, and currently working for one of the leading independent furniture retailers in the country, I have a passion for all things digital.

With extensive knowledge of e-commerce websites, user experience (UX), digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), search engine optimization (SEO), email automation and digital advertising, I have a broad skill set to create digital experiences that will make your business stand out.


My Approach

At SK Designs I am all about being friendly and approachable, offering an uncomplicated solution to your website project. I like to cultivate trust, creating lasting relationships with my clients and speak in a way that is honest and easy to understand.

Flexibility is at the heart of all projects, and I will always work with the customer to find the right bespoke solution to website builds, or digital consulting.

I take the time to get to know you or your company and the audience you want to capture. This allows me to tailor solutions specific to your needs and help keep costs down.

I tend to work with small independent businesses and individuals who may have to operate on tighter budgets, but want a premium website, or digital solution that helps them get more for their business.

The Process

The process begins, with a consultation, ideally in person; to really get to know your business or brand. Once I have an understanding of what you wish to achieve, I then carry out market research on your competitors and the industry to look for opportunities to get the most from your budget and allow your website to stand out from the crowd.

Once I have an idea of the requirements for your website design, I will 'mock up' the homepage and work with you to get the look and feel you want. During this review stage we can then forge ahead with your new website and create a truly memorable digital experience for your brand.


What next?

The journey doesn’t stop there. Websites and digital management can be daunting for some. At SK Designs I offer retainer services, from keeping on top of your new site, creating new articles, adding new pages, to running email campaigns. Whatever your digital needs, we can work together and achieve them.